Putting Workers First: Supporting Working People on the Job, in Congress, in the Courts

Progressive Caucus Action Fund

Working people are rising up nationwide to demand better working conditions, higher wages, and dignity on the job. Yet with the approval of labor unions at the highest point since 1965, union membership has continued to decline. How did we get here, and what policies are needed to create an economy that benefits workers, not just corporations and the ultra-wealthy? Working people are organizing all over the country in new and creative ways. Join the Progressive Caucus Action Fund to find out more about how Congress and the progressive movement can have their backs.


  • Trina Blair, Disneyland Cast Member and Film Participant, The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales
  • Abigail E. Disney, Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, activist, philanthropist, and the host of the podcast “All Ears.”
  • Nzingha Hooker, Policy Director for the National Black Workers Center
  • Samantha Sanders, Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy, Economic Policy Institute
  • Willie Burden Jr., Esq, In House Counsel, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Moderated by Ross Brennan, Senior Legislative Affairs Associate at Congressional Progressive Caucus Center.