The Algorithm is Deeply Mysterious

Natalie Wynn

Episode 7

This week on All Ears, Abby takes a trip through the underworld of internet culture with YouTuber Natalie Wynn, also known as ContraPoints. An ex-philosopher with a penchant for elaborate sets and costumes, Natalie got her start making response videos to right-wing YouTubers after finding herself alarmed at the increase in hate speech online. Her wildly popular YouTube videos are highly stylized essays, full of sharp, incisive commentary on topics ranging from gender pronouns to capitalism. Natalie and Abby’s conversation touches on the dangerous misogyny of incels, Natalie’s hijacking of YouTube’s algorithm, and how alt-right ideologies hide in plain sight. Natalie also talks about the discomfort of transitioning in the public eye, and gives her surprising prediction about the next big schism on the platform.