Feminism, Fatalism, and the Ego-Death of Motherhood

Jia Tolentino

Episode 3

This week on All Ears, Abby is joined by NYT bestselling author and New Yorker staff writer Jia Tolentino. Before working at the New Yorker, Jia was a writer and editor at Jezebel and The Hairpin. She’s devoted her career and her unique voice to writing about a wide variety of cultural and social issues, including America’s ever-changing relationship to feminism, abortion, Britney Spears’ conservatorship, and what it means to walk away from a religion. In this week’s conversation with Abby, she discusses what it’s like being a new mother, the persistent failures of capitalism, and the urgent need for collective action on climate change. Tune in for a fun and stimulating conversation about what kind of world she hopes her daughter will get to grow up in.

Special Guest

Jia Tolentino

Staff Writer at The New Yorker

Jia Tolentino is a staff writer at The New Yorker and the author of the essay collection Trick Mirror