The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales

Produced by
  • Abigail E. Disney
  • Kathleen Hughes
  • Aideen Kane
Directed by
  • Abigail E. Disney
  • Kathleen Hughes

Abigail Disney looks at America’s dysfunctional and unequal economy and asks why the American Dream has worked for the wealthy, yet is a nightmare for people born with less. Using her family’s story, Disney explores how this systemic injustice took hold and imagines a way toward a more equitable future.

Year Released2022

PremiereSundance Film Festival 2022

EditorDavid Cohen

Co-ProducersLauren Wimbush
Kat Vecchio
Alexander Hyde

Story ProducersAbigail E. Disney
Kathleen Hughes
David Cohen

Executive ProducersTim Disney
Bill Haney
Paula Froehle
Steve Cohen

Music ByBlake Leyh

Directors of PhotographyJeff Hutchens
James Mills

Animation ByAwesome & Modest